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Ike is making a fort out of furniture and watching Avatar. He is restless and lonely...and kind of annoying me but I need to suck it up because J. is in Miami (!) until Sunday. He rented a car and is hanging out in Ft. Lauderdale tonight with his pals. I am doing the best job possible not being jealous. I am fighting jealousy off. This is the second time since we moved up that he has been back home and has gotten the opportunity to socialize with folks.

Elizabeth is enjoying the breathing room she now has with Eddie out of the house. The divorce process is brutal but at least she can come home and have a calm space to be in.

I signed Ike up for Camp Mudd today. Ike talked the director and one counselor's ears off and was trying to stump them (succeeding in stumping them actually) in Star Wars trivia.

I just ran out of postcards.

The cat (Monkey) is annoying me.

Oh I got a few new things to wear! This is my favorite --->  http://tinyurl.com/3tpugt and is nice to wear when it feels horrible out.
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